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About Bite The Bullet X

Bite The Bullet X sells quality ammunition with passion and pride centered around our American heritage. With a focus on honoring our forefathers, protecting the past, and instilling the vision of the people, we hold our right to bear arms with triumph and dignity.

We don’t just sell ammunition. We honor and respect our rights as Americans.

Our company started with the idea to preserve our freedom to keep and bear arms. Our founders have a long history of shooting backgrounds with prior-military, shooting competitions, law enforcement, and hunting. We have always enjoyed this freedom for both protection and fun, and we plan on fighting for that right if and when the time arises to do so.

Our vow is to always maintain a high standard of customer service to the people and provide part of the means to protect and enjoy ourselves.

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We Will Provide You With Quality Ammo

Our passion is to provide our customers with the best products. Our ammunition is top quality.

We Will Preserve & Protect Our Rights

As proud Americans, we believe in holding our rights high as they are written in the constitution. We want to make sure that our passion for the right to bear arms is relevant in our passion of selling ammunition.
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We Will Honor The Past & Protect The Future

Honoring the vision of our forefathers, we pledge to preserve and protect our heritage of the right to keep and bear arms. As you can see, our focus is so much more than selling ammunition. It’s preserving our way, our life, our freedom, and our heritage.