Did you know there is a new lightweight casing that has come out for 9MM? It’s called the NAS3 made by Shell Shock Technology. Made from naturally slick alloy material that reduces wear on your breech and ejector pins.

Shell Shock’s NAS3 is a new two-piece high performance lightweight cartridge case meant to change the way for case technology for the ammunition industry. Heritage Ammunition recently added this new casing to their products understanding that these casings may be the future of ammunition.

The NAS3 is a two-piece casing made up of a nickel alloy cylinder body and head/base. The color and design of the NAS3 is noticeably different than the standard brass casings.

NAS3 Head/Base:
The NAS3 base is naturally slick alloy material that reduces wear on the breech and ejector pins caused by brass, carbon steel or other similar metal shells. The base can be anodized in different colors to ID load, caliber, etc. Additionally, the flatness of this base makes 2% higher case volume.

NAS3 Nickel Alloy Body:
The nickel alloy body of the NAS3 is stronger and more elastic than brass. It ejects smoother and more consistently. This stainless steel requires no lubrication and no residue to clog or foul breech and ejector mechanisms due to its uniform wall thickness. It is functionally less abrasive than brass and does not damage breach during ejection.